How to Find Out Who is Hiring For Your Cover Letter

Let’s face it, today’s job market has moved beyond being tough. Throughout the country the soaring unemployment rates have left many people hunting for a job. During the ‘boom’ times, finding a new position took a little bit of persistence, but today it takes a lot more. One thing job seekers overlook is the importance of communicating directly with the … Read More

Three C’s to an Outstanding Cover Letter

I recognize that many people find the mere prospect of drafting a cover letter enough to send them running for the hills. At best, they put it off indefinitely; at worst, they just send the resume along without one. What? They will know what I am looking for, they think. They will have the resume! This line of thinking couldn’t … Read More

To Whom it May Concern – Facts About Your Cover Letter

Why is it that career seekers spend numerous hours creating their resumes and then treat their cover letters like the forgotten stepchild? The cover letter is a critical component to your career search package and can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some helpful hints to help your cover letter work for you.

Broadcast Cover Letter

What makes a broadcast cover letter different from a traditional cover? A broadcast cover letter is written to companies that are not advertising a current job opening. While there might be opportunities within a particular organization, if you don’t have a connection or are not aware of the opening, you are really applying blind.

Phrases to Use for Cover Letter – Part II

As a follow up to my article regarding phrases to use for your cover letter, here is part deux. Making your cover letter stand out is an important part of your job search. Conveying your professionalism, abilities, communication skills, and intellect – not to mention your ability to write should be demonstrated in this important document.

Five Things you Should NOT Cover in Your Cover Letter

I have spent a considerable amount of time writing about how to structure an effective cover letter and the things you want to include therein. What I haven’t told you though is the things that you should absolutely leave out of a cover letter. There is some information that simply does not belong in this document. Here is a Top … Read More

How the Art of Writing a Cover Letter Has Changed

The state of the economy does strange things to people. Many who have had solid jobs for twenty years now find themselves unemployed and having to sit down to write a document they haven’t considered in decades: the cover letter for a job application.

Phrases to Use for Cover Letters

While I think I may have mentioned, oh once or twice that cover letters are not an option, I will admit that they are hard to write. If you are like me – and I write for a living – you might find that when you sit down to write a letter you cannot come up with something to say. … Read More

The Two Column Cover Letter

Writing a strong cover letter seems to cause many job seekers agony as they try to convey compelling information in a cogent and interesting matter, in a short form. In addition to struggling with content, it seems that people also struggle with presentation. Many choose a standard paragraph format assuming that it’s a letter so it should be written the … Read More

Mechanics of a Good Cover Letter

What are the mechanics of a strong cover letter? How exactly, do you write one? Allow me to share the mechanics of a cover letter. This should provide you with a valuable framework in which you can craft your own tailored cover letter. Salutation. If you can get a name of a hiring manager or someone to write to that … Read More

Sales Cover Letter Sample

Sales cover letter sample for sales professional in mechanical and technical field. Sales skills include: revenue generation, produce assessment, marketing, customer relationships and strategy development. Contributed by Great Resume Fast

Medical Cover Letter Sample

Medical cover letter sample for Phlebotomist with experience in the medical field. Experience includes patient tech, patient services, telemetry and vitals Contributed by Great Resume Fast

Pharmaceutical Cover Letter Sample

Sample of cover letter for Pharmaceutical Sales professional. Qualifications include sales, marketing, pharmaceutical industry, goal attainment and customer service. Contributed by Great Resume Fast

Common Cover Letter Misconceptions

Your cover letter and resume should work together when you launch your job search. Both should be tailored to meet the needs of a potential employer. When you are an active job seeker, you should be modifying the resume and cover letter as you present your credentials. As an active seeker, the position you are interested in might not have … Read More

Why you Need a Cover Letter

Why do you need a cover letter? Can’t you just send out the resume or post it to the company’s website? Is a cover letter really that important? Yes, in fact, it is. Here are some things that a cover letter can do for you to help set you apart when conducting your job search:

Business Manager Cover Letter Sample

Business manager cover letter sample for professional with experience in business operations. Professional skills include process re-engineering, change management, cost reduction and training. Contributed by Great Resume Fast

Executive Cover Letter Sample

Executive Cover Letter Sample for job seeker with experience in fast paced executive environment. Executive skills include process improvement, program development, business control Contributed by Great Resume Fast

Internet Manager Cover Letter Sample

Sample of cover for Internet Marketing professional with experience as Information Technology Manager. Qualifications include corporate technology management, social networking, content development and internet marketing education. Contributed by Great Resume Fast

Mechanical Cover Letter Sample

Mechanical Cover Letter Sample for professional Mechanical Trades Instructor. Qualifications include teaching, physics, hydronics plumbing theory, gas fitting and trade calculations. Contributed by Great Resume Fast

Operations Cover Letter Sample

Operations Cover Letter Sample for management professional with experience as Director of Operations. Job Qualifications include: operations business support, business development and market positioning. Contributed by Great Resume Fast